Short Term Housing Minneapolis


Does your job require you to travel a lot? Do your travels take you to Minnesota?  Perhaps you have had occasion to be assigned to the Minneapolis, St. Paul area?  When you find it necessary to come to Minneapolis, St. Paul (the Twin Cities) for a long-term project, you know that a hotel just isn't for you.  You have learned in your travel that you are not happy being stuck in a hotel room and having to eat at restaurants all the time, and especially not feeling at home.  You know you need something else.  You need short term housing Minneapolis. And when you need short term housing Minneapolis, you need Creative Housing Solutions to help you meet that need.

We offer a wide variety of short term housing Minneapolis that include furniture, furnishings and amenities which will help you feel right at home.  You can cook in your kitchen, you can relax on your couch, you can sleep soundly in your comfortable bedroom, you can clean up in your bathroom, you can watch your television or work on your computer.   Although you are away from home, with your short term housing Minneapolis you will feel at home enough for you to focus on accomplishing the project that has been assigned to you. 

You can begin your search for short term housing Minneapolis right now, by calling us at 800-698-9976, or filling out and submitting the corporate housing inquiry form at  We are here ready to help you.  We will use our 30 years of experience to find and secure the perfect match for you.  We have built extensive relationships with building owners and because of those relationships we have the largest and best selection from which you can choose your short term housing Minneapolis.

While you are on assignment, besides having the perfect short term housing Minneapolis, we believe that you will want to be familiar with your surroundings.  Perhaps you will want to know about nearby shopping, restaurants and entertainment.  We will provide  you with maps and information to enable you to navigate around the Twin Cities. You may even want to shop at the Mall of America, which is an experience all by itself. Again, we will make certain you have all the information you need to will feel right at home as you complete your assigned project.

We are also here, ready to help, should your temporary assignment turn into a permanent one.  Then relocation would be your need.   Your short term housing Minneapolis will provide you a comfortable place to stay while the search for a permanent residence takes place.  Our team at Creative Housing Solutions excels in relocation services, taking you from start to finish in that process as well.

We are looking forward to exceeding your expectations, whether they are short term  housing Minneapolis and even if the need turns to a permanent one.  Call us at 866-779-4321.

“I always knew you ran a very efficient company and we’ve enjoyed working with you and your team.”
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