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Leasing and Management FAQs

How will you market/advertise my property?
We will market your home to our relocation and corporate partners, network of contacts throughout the Twin Cities metro area. We also advertise through several different web sites and search engines. Our Creative Housing Solutions website lists our available properties as well.

How long will it take to find a renter for my home?
The timing depends on many things including the market, the condition of the home; terms that owner is seeking, the amount of rent and the time of year. We have special custom tailored programs to enable the most optimal marketing and advertising of your property... based on your needs. Please inquire with your Leasing and Management representative for more detail.

Do I have to allow pets?
No. It is up to each individual owner as to the terms they will accept. If pets are allowed we do ask from the resident, a pet deposit and a veterinarian certificate.

Do I have to accept any tenant you bring to me?
No. It is up to each owner as to the acceptance or denial of a prospective renter. We abide by all fair housing laws and require the same of any and all that we contract with as well as consistent criteria for applicants.

How will I know what is going on with my property while someone is living in it?
One of the things that sets us apart in this industry is our very detailed, hands on management and inspection process we implement… with every property. A move in inspection is completed when a tenant moves in, each quarter following – with an inspector, and upon move out. Ask your representative about our imaging and report process we provide to every owner.

How do I determine the rent amount?
There are a lot of factors involved when deciding on a rent amount. The age, location and condition of the home and the time of the year can have an impact on the rent amount. We work with our clients and consider all factors in order to determine the best rent amount to meet the owner’s needs.

How are maintenance issues handled?
If we manage the property, all maintenance and service issues will be handled by Leasing and Management. We have a 24 hour emergency maintenance line for our renters to ensure a timely and proactive approach to resolve.

Can you help decide if a property will be a good rental property?
With our experienced team of agents who work with both renters and owners, we are able to offer sound advice on the value of properties in the rental market.

What do I do if I do not have a renter in my home while I’m away?
Our team has a specialized vacant home management program that can be custom tailored and designed to meet your needs. Special requests are not a problem! We are able to manage your home on a monthly, bi monthly or weekly basis.

“ Our home represents a significant personal and financial investment to us. We decided to entrust that investment to the people at Creative Housing Solutions Leasing and Management while we are overseas. We have been very happy with that decision to date and we would recommend them without hesitation or equivocation to others. ”

Did you know?
Creative Housing Solutions offers 24-hour, 365 days a year on call service. Fill out this form to get started, or call us at [866] 779-4321.