Most millennials want to buy homes – Here’s why they’re not

A recent survey of more than 30,000 renters across the U.S. found that most millennials are interested in purchasing a home, but face many barriers in doing so. Minnesota renters also fall into this pattern, 78% of Minnesota millenials indicated they cannot afford to purchase a home.
“Twin Cities renters who are waiting to buy estimated they would need to save in average of $28,008 for a down payment, but reported having only $5,622 saved so far, which means they won’t have enough for nearly 10 years”
Although the housing market is booming there will always be a need for temporary housing and rental properties! Creative Housing Solutions can help you with any short term housing or rental needs you may have. Contact us today at 866-779-4321.
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Support Dawn in her Susan G Komen 3-Day

Dawn Crawford, President of Creative Housing Solutions, will be embarking on the Susan G Komen 3-Day later this year to honor our past Vice-President, Deb Engebretsen, who passed away from breast cancer 4 years ago. Deb was a lover, a fighter, and an incredible friend – and we are blessed to be able to contribute to her memory in this way.Pink-Ribbon
Dawn will be walking 60 miles over the course of 3 days to raise money for public health programs and local outreach support for women and men fighting breast cancer. Donate today and help her in the journey to make a difference.
If you donate before the end of May, your name will be entered in a drawing for the following prizes!
1. UE Boom Speaker ($200 retail value)
2. Evening stay at the Graves Hotel, Minneapolis ($200 value)
3. Keurig Coffee Maker
Please reach out with any questions: 
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Top 10 Cities for First Time Home Buyers

And guess who made it in the top 10? None other than our own Minneapolis, Minnesota! Chosen for our network of bike paths, low unemployment rate, and healthy economy, Minneapolis makes the ranks for best places to buy for first time home-owners.
The article considered the 100 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, and ranked each city based on affordability, inventory, mortgage availability, job growth, and livability to create the top ten best places for first time buyers. Other cities that made the list include Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, St. Louis, Missouri and Dayton, Ohio!


As Minneapolis continues to grow in popularity on a national scale as an appealing city to settle down, demand for new homes will benefit home sellers in our state. If you’re thinking now is the time to sell your home, Creative Housing Solutions/Leasing & Management has the expertise to help! With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are able to guide you through home sales, purchasing, or property management.
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Why The U.S. Hotel Market Is Poised For Recovery.

motel market recovery

1.  Based on rising average hotel rates….and with inventory availability down, when thinking about your relationship with hotels, what are you seeing…for 2011?

2.  With our corporate clients who are staying in hotels—we are seeing rates increase as inventory decreases.  What is happening to your hotel rates in 2011?

3.  As a percentage, what is the increase you are seeing in hotel rates in 2011…when compared to 2010?

4.  With regard to hotel occupancy and availability, are you noticing any shifts on that side?

5.  Are you being asked anything differently…related to volume…in order to earn discounts/preferred pricing?  Any shift —related to that?

6.  Are you seeing any up-charges…for example pricing/charges for laundry, parking—-and/or internet service?

7.  Are you seeing increased costs for hotel meals/restaurants—and/or additional fees for snacks/breakfasts which used to be complimentary?

8.  Are you seeing any hotel tax increases …comparing to hotel taxes in 2010?

9.  As you look across the bow—locally and from coast-to-coast…are you seeing and overall shift in flexibility, rates and package amenities?

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Consultants Bringing Family? Trust CREATIVE HOUSING SOLUTIONS to find just the perfect furnished apartment in MINNEAPOLIS, MN.

When a consultant, whose long-term stay is critical to your business, wants to bring along his or  her family (even just for weekends), this request may appear overwhelming. Never fear! CREATIVE HOUSING SOLUTIONS can arrange for affordable and comfortable short or long term corporate housing in MINNEAPOLIS, MN that will feel like a home away from home. CREATIVE HOUSING SOLUTIONS has an array of fully furnished apartments that may include family-friendly amenities like a pool and gardens. These accommodations are roomy, inviting, and have all the desirable amenities.

CREATIVE HOUSING SOLUTIONS sets a new standard for interim corporate housing, especially when it comes to families. Having the family gather around a dining table to eat a home-cooked meal — especially when hundreds of miles away from home — makes a world of difference to everyone’s well-being. CREATIVE HOUSING SOLUTIONS has the solution for making the traveling consultant (and family) feel right at home!

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Corporate Housing: A Home Away from Home. Creative Housing Solutions transforms temporary housing choices!

For anyone who has traveled on business for more than two or three days at a time, you know what it’s like to park your luggage in a cramped hotel room and pretend like it’s okay. Creative Housing Solutions has remarkable options for corporate housing in Minneapolis, MN. We offer options that are comfortable, spacious, and have all the amenities of home. Imagine being able to cook your favorite food, spread out paperwork on a real table, and set up your laptop on a real desk — no more computer work on the bed while you try to get the pillows plumped up just right behind your back!

You can discover gorgeous furnished apartments in Minneapolis, MN, corporate housing and alternatives to extended stay hotel rooms — temporary housing that is spacious, has all the amenities of home, and is safe and accommodating in Minneapolis, MN.

Corporate housing in Minneapolis, MN is a great alternative to conventional hotels and extended stay hotels — our spacious and handsome corporate suites and apartments are furnished with top-of-the-line furniture, appliances and electronics. Truly a home away from home! Call Creative Housing Solutions for a list of available corporate housing options in the Minneapolis, MN area.

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